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Art on show in Leuven at SO – the best of both worlds


Still looking for a nice and unique present for the holidays? Interested in an artwork?

Two of my paintings are on show and for sale in Leuven, at SO – The best of both worlds. Have a nice coffee or tea and some delicious food while u can view the artwork.

Untill 17/01/2020.

“A unique experience in the center of Leuven where people find peace, simplicity and inspiration to meet, meet, brainstorm, coach, inspire and celebrate. A place where logic and intuition come together.
SO – the best of both worlds, like a white canvas on which every color is invisibly displayed shows a great creative work in their imagination!”


Soulwatcher’s artwork showing at SO

Soulwatcher - Have a rest
Have a rest
Soulwatcher - connection

The atmosphere at SO – the best of both worlds

Soulwatcher at SO

Dates and location of the art on show at SO

Untill 17/01/2020

Herbert Hooverplein 4,
3000 Leuven – België
Be sure to check the opening hours!