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Presentation Happening sound – Zomeracademie 2016

Soulwatcher - happening sound

Week workshop organised by Vormingscentrum Destelheide ( and De Veerman (, coached by Inge Van Den Kroonenberg (in cooperation with Aifoon)

What is sound and what is silence? How can you capture and process the sound around you into soundscapes and engaging listening sessions? Happening sound!

I used to combine the soundscapes with video clips shot at location.

Dance by Hanne Biesmans (

00:00 – intro
00:23 – morning in an idyllic home
01:35 – singing flower
02:28 – glimpses of the subconscious staring back at you
03:57 – learning to relax
10:34 – outro

Violin, singing and white dress by unknown local artists.