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Soulwatcher - Singulariteit -group exhibition - The gallerij Genk Belgium

Group exhibition at The Gallery in Genk, Belgium

“May you live in interesting times” is normally considered a curse: what at first sight seems like a blessing can easily turn out different. Perhaps the reverse is also true.

Kunstenarij is organizing an exhibition in The-Gallery about an artistic interpretation of Singularity. A point in space and time where the laws of nature lose their validity. Singularity in general… is an unusualness, something where the normal rules or laws are no longer valid or cannot be applied.

Soulwatcher’s artwork entry for Singulariteit

I am taking part with my work Abundance

Soulwatcher singulariteit abundance

Dates and location of the Singulariteit exhibition

From Friday 22 January until Sunday February 14, 2021
Friday: 14-17 and 19-21
Saturday & Sunday: 14-17

The Gallery
Molenstraat, 7
3600 Genk, Belgium